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Client Compromise

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

In business, each client is a completely different entity and which will often entail tailored special attention. You may find that one client does not have the sufficient funds in order to accomplish what they would like through your company. It puts you as a vendor in an awkward position because you will either have to pass up the project work or trim your costs in order to better suit the clients budget.

What you should take into consideration is locating resources that would allow for you to provide for your clients and overall reduced cost to both the client as well as yourself. Locating other resources can be the best course of action to ensure that both parties are happy. Having other resources available to your company can also open up possibilities of being able to provide dedicated workers to particular projects if they were required.

Your company will be able to earn project work from the client that meets their budget and gain alternate resources which it can devote to specific potential client projects in the future. As a company it’s essential for you to be able to mold your services to better fit within your client’s requirements, needs, and budget. Having more resources has various advantages and can reduce cost or project completion time depending on the situation. Any business should consider having possible connections that can be called upon if they are needed.

Client Feedback

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Feedback can be one of the most effective ways to shape your company and allow you to better suit your clients needs. Most of the time client feedback is not taken as seriously as it should and is pushed lower down the rungs when moving the company further.

Every client can offer you a different and deeper perspective which can help bring potential issues or ideas to your attention. Understanding your client’s business needs and process will enable you to provide a more effective service that ensures their satisfaction. It’s important that you ask specific questions to your client and plan accordingly when you approach them. Some points in time to gather feedback would be during certain checkpoints of extended projects, under stress or when you suspect any dissatisfaction when interacting with the client. You should also keep in mind that the best way to obtain client feedback is to simply communicate with your clients. Rather than using surveys you should approach it in a personal manner in order to truly gain an understanding of what your client has to say.

After obtaining feedback from your clients you can then take that information and reassess your processes and methods that you use. You should place your clients concerns above your own and address their issues first to ensure that they are truly content with using your services. Client feedback will allow you to step back and reevaluate where your company currently stands and allow you to grow in a direction that would benefit your clients.


Improving Teamwork

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Today it’s difficult to imagine a project reaching completion without having a team with different areas of expertise behind it.

It’s becoming more common that individuals are being placed into more team oriented positions now rather than tackling a project as an individual. The effectiveness of the team is only as good as the motivation and dedication that each member is willing to contribute towards the common goal. In order to be a beneficial component of a team you should incorporate a few helpful tips into your work ethics.

You’ve probably heard the expression before that you should always cut once and measure twice. This applies heavily towards teamwork where a variety of different people are coming together to attain a main objective. The members of the team must be given concise goals and objectives along with a specified time-frame  in which they have to achieve them. Clearing  all confusion from the starting point will ensure that the team will stay on the same page and also moving in the same direction throughout the project. Another important aspect of teamwork is having a defined team leader that will be able to keep the team motivated and on track. One of the most essential components in improving upon teamwork is ensuring that there is a steady flow of communication throughout the group. Open discussion will help aide the development of the project and allow for different perspectives to be taken into account when determining the plan of action. The most common issue with teamwork is that not everyone is heard so its best to set an open and encouraging atmosphere to allow for idea development. Keeping these tips in mind will help to promote strong teamwork amongst the other members in your group and furnish a better overall end result.

Increasing your Productivity

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

It’s normal to have days where it seems like there wasn’t enough time to get what we would have liked done.

Most people often feel that there is almost impossible to accomplish the tasks at hand within the limited amount of time in a day. Most people don’t realize their own abilities and the time that they actually have available to them. Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles that hamper a person’s ability to even get started on their lists of daily tasks. By following a few simple tricks you’ll be able to better manage your time and increase your chances of achieving the daily goals that you set for yourself.

One of the leading methods of losing time is for an individual to multitask. Although many think that multitasking allows for greater productivity, it actually does the opposite and divides your focus. By facing your day one task at a time you’ll find yourself following through with what you’ve started and focus on the task at hand. Another method of achieving more in your day is by giving each task prioritization and setting alarms so that you can go down your list accordingly as well as have deadlines. By using priorities and alarms it will give you a greater sense of urgency so that you have more drive to finish your objectives. The most important tool that you can utilize is simply taking care of yourself.

By getting enough sleep and eating healthy you’ll be better equipped to handle each day as it comes. Instead of putting things off for the next day you should put effort towards these habits and make the change today.


Client Side Projects

Friday, April 13th, 2012

When dealing with clients there are multiple possibilities of business ventures that a single project can offer you.

You might find that your clients have peaked interest in having additional side projects on top of the relationship that is already established. The idea of having multiple ongoing projects for a single client is exciting but is often rushed and approached incorrectly. Although it’s a positive that you are able to further provide services for your client it’s important that you don’t cannibalize the work that your relationship was originally founded upon. By keeping projects separate you can help to increase your client retention and ensure that the core of the business between you two stays intact.

Usually, vendors allow themselves to be overtaken by the incentive of fresh potential work and allow the original foundations of their business relationship to be altered or replaced all together in the process. The details involved with each project should also be discussed separately and made clear to the client that they are two completely separate entities from one another. Any original work should be properly preserved in order to ensure that the side projects do not jeopardize any previous commitments and projects.


Service Contracts

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Protecting yourself and your company should be one of the highest priorities on your agenda.

When conducting business with any client it’s key that you go through the motions in order to protect your company and your clients. It is essential that you take the time to bring everything out into the open when discussing potential project work and outlining the details associated with your services. Drawing up service contracts can present the client with a greater sense of transparency and understanding. By going through the specific details involved with your relationship you can help avoid any potential issues further on in the future.

Making the effort to sit down with your clients and thoroughly discuss the fine details of the agreement will be beneficial to both parties and help clear the air. A service contract will help outline the scopes of work and clearly define the parameters so there is no confusion on either end. A majority of your clients should oblige to your service contract and understand that it will act as a layer of both protection and transparency. If you find that your clients are hesitant and unwilling to agree to your service contracts you should view it as a red flag.

A client who doesn’t want the parameters of the work they have hired you to provide is clearly a warning sign of problems to follow. If you find that a client refuses to sit down and discuss the terms it’s suggested that you vet them before any further actions are taken.



Company Trimming

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

As exciting as company expansion sounds it’s often overlooked to keep a steady flow of fresh enthusiastic workers coming into your infrastructure.

The most common mistake made by business owners is that they feel as if their current staff will be able to support the expansions of the company. Usually the company will continue growing disproportionately and there staff will find themselves overcome with work. Having one worker do the job of several with no other supporters can have some serious effects in both short term and long term aspects. Most business owners will find their workers morale decreasing, along with their declining overall content with their current occupations.

As a business owner you want to be able to gauge the flow of business into the company and integrate new workers with your existing staff simultaneously. Bringing in support to your company’s infrastructure will ensure stronger foundations as you continue to grow and provide stability throughout the process. Keeping your company proportional is an exceptional tactic to ensuring longevity and consistent expanse. Company growth is a multi faceted area and should be taken very seriously in order to spare difficulties further down the road.

Take the time to plan accordingly alongside your company instead of allowing your staff to be burdened with disproportional amounts of work throughout the workplace.


Client Personal Life

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Most business professionals choose to embrace having their business meld into their personal life for a variety of reasons.

Those who get involved with their client’s personal lives most often share a stronger bond and generally have a better standing relationship. Benefits such as a more defined level of trust and stronger feeling of security stem directly from these types of business relationships. Being involved with your client on a personal level can serve as an extra layer of comfort when conducting business with one another.  Helping a client with their personal issues can be an investment which could potentially bring in more project work in the future.

Putting forth a personal effort to help your client will only strengthen the business bond between you and benefit both parties.  Establishing a good impression and strong presence with your client can help to boost the image they perceive of your company significantly. You may even open up the possibilities receiving project work from some of their other business connections and relationships. Your client may refer your company based solely upon the connection and loyalty you both share towards one another. That is why providing support in other aspects other than business related endeavors is important so you can shed new light and offer up different perspectives. Investing some time and effort will surely enhance the relationship between you and your clients as well as the potential possibilities for your company.

Client relationships are a good means for strengthening business relationships and obtaining new ones. By getting closer with your clients you’ll ensure that business is on a smoother and more personal level.


Importance of a Website

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Today it’s hard to imagine a business that hasn’t already invested in having a website.

With many companies competing against each other it’s become a constant struggle t0 increase their company visibility. Most consumers today look up a company’s reputation and services online before even considering them as an option. The internet opens up many possibilities to small business and can increase the flow of work throughout its infrastructure. A website is a tool that helps to reach out to a broader audience and establish a larger customer base in a quick as well as cost effective manner. Marketing through the internet is a more cost effective and efficient way of reaching your targeted audience.

A website is the best value to market your company rather than spending large amounts of money locally advertising and promoting your company. Establishing a web presence will give your potential customers a sense of security and offer them a more convenient way to be provided with service. Allowing your company to go digital will also make the communication between you and your companies significantly more efficient. You would greatly benefit from establishing yourself within the online community and expanding your company to the many possibilities that the internet offers.

Business Records

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

One of the most important aspects of running your own business is the maintenance and process of keeping business records. The act of classifying, storing, and securing legal documents is essential towards a company in any niche. Keeping track of the flow of your company is one of the most important factors in managing your own business.  Staying on top of your records will make the process much easier when the time comes to track down the specifics of your company. Documents such as bank slips, statements, bills and invoices should all be sorted appropriately for your reference at a later time. Most small businesses fail to keep specific documentation regarding purchases they’ve made throughout the year that may help to give you a more detailed perspective on your company finances. The process of retaining legal documents has become much simpler with the recent introduction of electronic documentation. It’s much easier to store and organize information on your computer than to physically store documents or manually sift through them to find the documents you need. Having your legal documents in an organized state is essential because they will be required for legal purposes, taxation purposes, analyzing business strategies and future planning.