Defining the Project Upfront

In all venues of business it’s important to plan accordingly and be as detailed as possible. Most often when a project is handed off to a vendor they don’t spend the necessary time defining the project before they commence work on it. Vendor’s need to plan and collaborate with the client separately from the project so that they can fully comprehend what the client is expecting in return. It’s detrimental that all confusions and questions are put to the side ahead of time so that the common goal of both parties can be reached. Spending money on analysis and evaluation¬†will only help to further clarify things and give an in depth feel of what the project truly entails. Most often vendors underbid a project because they don’t understand the amount of effort or resources the client’s project may require. The last thing you want is to keep changing the cost and deadline of your client’s project. The analysis will also help to ensure that the pricing and time requirements are as accurate as possible. Making the investment before commencing project work will ensure a smoother process and greater understanding of the entire scope of work.


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