Personality Types

A team is defined as a group of individuals who can come forth and move together to meet a common goal. Within that team each individual has a different personality type that needs to compliment the others in order for everything to click together. While each person has their own shortcomings it’s important that other members in the groups can cover the weaknesses in the group. Someone who is not as aggressive can collaborate with an aggressive individual in the group in order to obtain their final results. Certain positions and duties require individuals who will be able to come together and compliment each other’s personality type. Aspects such as attention to detail, creativity, confidence, and overall experience are all heavily reliant on the team’s respective personality types. Some individuals are better fit for tasks that fall within their personality types such as repetitive tasks or projects centered on thinking outside the box. By taking into account the different personality types within a group you can ensure that there is a sense of compatibility with each other. A team must be able to adapt to certain situations and compensate for each other’s weaknesses.


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