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Mobile Phones in the Professional Service Industry

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Businesswoman using smart phone

Today it’s hard to imagine not being on the computer for more than a couple of hours, but it’s even more of an impossibility to not have the use of your mobile phone for even a few minutes. With advancing technology and sleek new designs smart-phones have found a way to nestle themselves into a very crucial portion of our lives. Along with being able to text and surf the internet at blazing speeds we can also have the same amenities that come with being in the office. With new smart-phones an individual can check their e-mail, pay their bills, invoice clients, edit documents and access files from their computer with just the push of a button. The classic example of a businessman is now shadowed by this new streamlined approach where the equivalent of their briefcase is now stored to the memory on their phone. One of the biggest deal making traits in business is the ability to be reachable, with cellular phones becoming more advanced with each passing month it has never been as easy to keep in contact with clients, vendors and everyone in between. Business people have all of their contacts in one device and can multitask as well when making calls or checking e-mail. The ability to be more efficient has caused many individuals in the service industry to join in on one of the world’s largest booms in recent technology. People ranging from the low end of the totem pole to the highest managerial position is now no longer restrained to the confines of the office in order to achieve everything they would normally go through in a casual work day.