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Client Concerns

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

We’ve previously covered the subject of the initial issues encountered when beginning a business relationship with a client. You may find yourself in awkward situations where you are trying to find common ground with the client. Usually both parties must compromise and reach an agreement in order for the relationship to progress. Providing the client with a scope of work and discussing all issues ahead of time will always help to smooth the process. However this portion of the process will sometimes entail bargaining and complications where both parties are trying to get the best value they possibly can. Your business as well as the client involved need to be accommodating and draw the lines which will border your project agreements. The amount of time and effort put into the beginnings of relationship will determine many of its future components. It’s important that you evaluate what services you can provide for the client and at what cost you can offer them. Some clients will haggle or fight for certain price points which may better fit their budget and expectations. You must anticipate that they will have different price ranges and give them options which best suit their situation. You should use your judgment to decide if projects certain projects should be completed in phases or if their issues can be resolved all at once with a detailed specification.