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Client Feedback

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Feedback can be one of the most effective ways to shape your company and allow you to better suit your clients needs. Most of the time client feedback is not taken as seriously as it should and is pushed lower down the rungs when moving the company further.

Every client can offer you a different and deeper perspective which can help bring potential issues or ideas to your attention. Understanding your client’s business needs and process will enable you to provide a more effective service that ensures their satisfaction. It’s important that you ask specific questions to your client and plan accordingly when you approach them. Some points in time to gather feedback would be during certain checkpoints of extended projects, under stress or when you suspect any dissatisfaction when interacting with the client. You should also keep in mind that the best way to obtain client feedback is to simply communicate with your clients. Rather than using surveys you should approach it in a personal manner in order to truly gain an understanding of what your client has to say.

After obtaining feedback from your clients you can then take that information and reassess your processes and methods that you use. You should place your clients concerns above your own and address their issues first to ensure that they are truly content with using your services. Client feedback will allow you to step back and reevaluate where your company currently stands and allow you to grow in a direction that would benefit your clients.


Your Client Contacts

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Working for a client can often be difficult due to the sheer number of employees trying to voice their opinion all at once. Although you will primarily work directly with a particular assigned individual it’s important that you understand the hierarchy of the client. At times your priorities will be clouded by other employees who feel that their own concerns should be remedied first. When others begin to ask of you it’s best to simply draw a line in the sand, but keep things in focus and ask management about any possible issues or new ideas that have been brought to your attention by other employees. If you follow the personal thoughts of someone who may not be as highly ranked within the project does not mean that they can steer you in the right direction. Always confirm before working on any employee concerns so that you don’t do anything that would be deemed unnecessary by the client. As the vendor you need to stay on top of the client project at all times and take all aspects into consideration while clearly staying within the boundaries. The underlying scope of work should always be your main priority as you take other employee feedback into account but ask permission before shuffling it into your agenda.