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Power of Documentation

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

When establishing your service company in the area of your expertise it’s important to have a supportive arsenal at the ready for customer concerns. Often growing companies experience overwhelming waves of customer concerns which can leave your workers immobilized until they are properly addressed. Reasons such as these are the driving force for a company to establish a set amount of answers beforehand and making them available to their consumer base for future reference. By simply taking the time to answer a question or demonstrate a solution once, you can avoid the potential plethora of questions that could cripple your company further down the road. Well written help files are only one of the various components of providing your customers with the best possible support, but they also serve a valuable purpose in weeding out simple fixes from serious issues. Often companies find themselves handling multiple support calls and e-mails which leaves them tied up for a majority of the time. With proper documentation you can keep your clients informed and put the power in their hands so they could easily solve their own problems. The last thing you want is for your clients to constantly bombard you with technical issues, so by developing a carefully crafted set of directions both you and the client will be able to ration valuable time. In the end you want to provide your clients with a great user experience along with the knowledge to solve any inconveniences they may experience.

Invoice Balance

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

For smaller companies the science behind the way they conduct business is more intimate due to the fact that they are dealing with smaller clients. The first thought that crosses their mind is to reduce sticker shock and manage expectations by invoicing a client immediately.   The client in this situation could become frightened and uncomfortable due to the fact that an entire project can be mounted on top of them all at once.  In these types of situations the vendor can find themselves in heated discussions where they must justify the work they’ve provided in order to rationalize the costs involved. The best technique to practice in order to avoid any problems when dealing with clients would be to have a set schedule/plan that would allow for sufficient time between invoices. A client is more likely to look at the costs rather than what services a company has provided for them at first glance. A company must develop a rhythm for invoicing that would allow the clients enough clients to take in the full picture of the services provided and the costs that follow them.

Every company is different.   Depending on the size of your invoices and the ability for your clients to handle them within their budget, you’ll want to find the perfect “sweet spot” for choosing your frequency.  In most cases this will fall between two and four weeks but just determine what feels right for you and tweak it until you find the right balance.

Iphone Development

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Screen shot 2010-10-07 at 11.42.02 AM

Due to the increasing demand for applications many companies are making the transition towards mobile development in order to keep up in a constantly changing market.  Applications are a lighter and streamlined approach aimed towards users to allow them to be used from the comfort of their phone. Most users today live fast paced lifestyles and need to retain the same functionality as working from a computer but only have the use of their cellular phone available.  This concept has sparked and fueled development to provide our users with a mobile app based on our time billing software to remain functional while on the move. We’ve incorporated many of the great features from our software into the Iphone application to further increase user efficiency and productivity while on the fly. Features such as entering time, viewing hours, viewing fixed prices/expenses, managing workers/ clients, and creating/viewing invoices on the app will allow the user to remotely accomplish what they normally would from the office in a fraction of the time. Our application will aid workers to log into a simple Iphone application and submit their hours into the system. From there an employer can then log into the app to send invoices to clients as well as view the progress/reports of both their workers and projects. We are extremely excited about finishing up the development on our app to further enhance our user base’s experiences and mobile functionality.