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Thursday, August 12th, 2010

With technology rapidly on the rise in the past couple of years we have gained stronger techniques to improve our overall functionality. It is no surprise that most workers in the business industry have been given the opportunity to telecommute with more convenience that was ever thought possible. It is quite common in the business industry to hear that many individuals are capable of working from home completely or significantly spend less time commuting to the office and instead work remotely from the comfort of home. Many people who have had the privilege of working from home will tell you that it is now simple to get in contact with co-workers and management by utilizing tools such as social networking or VOIP communication programs. Most who work at home find Skype to be one of the most useful tools in their arsenal and are able to send information/ files quickly, receive instant feedback from other individuals, share they’re desktop and the ability to make long distance phone calls for free to other Skype users. The latest technologies have enabled us to remote into our office computers and allow us to work with the functionality of physically being at the office in front of the computer. Along with the recent advances we have also been gifted with the ability to work collaboratively in an almost effortless and instantaneous manner. It is now a possibility for teams of workers to instant message or call each other using the internet in order to complete projects, ask questions or even receive remote help with just the click of a button.