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Choosing the right Software

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

One of the most crucial aspects of running your own business is determining the right software system for it.  Today technology has been adopted by every company in order to improve efficiency and ease the workers load. An essential thought to have is that the software should be catered to your company’s work flow. Most companies take the time to plan out to ensure that their software systems are custom tailored to their needs. Others opt for off the shelf solutions that contain the tools that they need in order to be more capable and productive. Your choices must be made based on many factors especially the size of your company.

Other aspects that should be taken into consideration are features and customer support. It’s essential that the software that you purchase will be able to be supported. Your workers will need to be trained at first and will probably need technical support to troubleshoot any issues they run into. It’s a good idea to see walkthroughs of similar systems or taking advantage of a trial before finally settling on your choice. It’s best that you either complete the system entirely or develop it in stages if obtaining a custom software program. Having the technological tools will allow your company to flourish and succeed. The amount that you choose to put into your software system should be looked at what it truly is, an essential investment.


Customization vs. Off the Shelf

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The two most commonly occurring errors for companies in the service industry are to underestimate their needs and be unable to fully understand how unique they are from all other companies in their venue. It’s well known amongst all companies that the trials and tribulations of finding the right software your company deserves can be a long dragged out process. Often there are two different types of software solutions one of which that are off the shelf and others which are custom made. Both seem to have many features that your company would benefit from but have distinct differentiation when compared with one another. A positive from buying off the shelf software from a manufacturer with a generic system is that it allows you to receive technical support when adapting to the new system. However it is a frequent occurrence that the company buying the software will have to bend to certain aspects to make the software compatible for them. Although some people are allured to the off the shelf software by the lower costs they later on become frustrated that some of the demands of the company are never met. That is why some companies tend to choose tailored software that is made to their exact specifications and meet all their requirements. Although the product takes a little more time to develop the end results are always positive and allow the company purchasing it to be as efficient as possible. The positive with custom software is that it bends to work and function as you wish it to so no time is required to learn the system, use tech support, or adapt to it. For example, a company that only requires a simple word processor would just need an off the shelf product to get what they want.  However if the company wanted a user interface in their system that has a word processor embedded would cause them to move towards software development.  It all comes down to analyzing your company and researching what is best for it in order to give your company the edge it truly deserves.