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Giving Back To The Community Is More Important Than You May Think

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

charitable contributionsRunning a successful business is great, but it’s only one aspect of your life. Involvement with family and community are also critically important issues that business owners face, because often their time becomes so pressed by the demands of business that they have little energy left for other things. But community involvement doesn’t have to be a burden, rather it can be a blessing both personally as well as to your business.

When considering involvement in a community activity or cause, think about exactly why you want to be involved and what the level of your time availability is. Know ahead of time just how much energy you can reasonably plan to give to a community activity, and be prepared to assume only that level of involvement on which you can dependably follow through. Connecting with others in your community, especially to add your efforts to a good cause or beneficial project, can bring added exposure to your business as well, but only if your impression on the other people around you is positive. As your business grows, you might even consider sponsoring a special community project and funding it as a humanitarian endeavor.

Ultimately, involvement in such outlets can be beneficial to all concerned, but only if you count the cost ahead of time. Don’t spread yourself thin by becoming over-involved or by volunteering for more than you can reasonably handle. Just participate at whatever level you can and see the good things that come of it.