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Client Relationships

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

In a business atmosphere it’s difficult to deny that their is a sense of favoritism when it comes down to dealing with clients. Anyone who has a service business has to have an accommodating personality but sometimes certain clients can push those abilities to the extreme. Separating unreasonable clients who are difficult and have unrealistic from the clients who are cooperative and just vent stress is important.  A perfect example is a cooperative client who is asking for specific requirements but has no intention of paying for the services provided. This deceitful client is much more difficult to deal with because you have to justify your services and fight for your payment once things go sour. While a neurotic and rude client may be more of a personal hassle to communicate with they actually mean no harm and will pay for the services that you provide without having you send multiple invoices. The deceitful client causes more harm to your business by shaking your company foundations by not paying, causing you to pay workers for unnecessary factors or fabricates lies about requirements in order to get out of a contract or agreement for the work you have already provided.  The neurotic/rude client is just stressed and unable to manage it so even though he doesn’t communicate well in the end he is a more reliable customer who is worth the trouble of dealing with.  It’s impossible to read minds which is why it’s important to always have a feel of what is going on between you as the vendor and your client to make sure that the transaction runs smoothly.