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Releasing Software in Stages

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Software FeaturesThe period during which a software product is designed, built, and released only constitute the childhood years for a software product.   As your user base grows, so will the plethora of requests for new features.    The process of choosing which features to release first and how fast a new set of features should be released can be a tricky game.    Pushing too many features down the pipeline can overwhelm and alienate your current user base.   However, the more features you get into your product, the more chance a potential new customer will find something they like.

But the old saying of the whole being more than the sum of its parts can be applied to software.  Designers can potentially add features in a poorly manner if they don’t consider the overall architecture of the software.   We see this happen sometimes with companies get too big to support their own weight and they end up listening to the marketers rather than the users.    Sure, sales might go up, but the product won’t gain any traction in the marketplace because the buzz on it will be negative.   The takeaway here is that features should be added in an organized, deliberate manner that respects the spirit of the product as a whole.   There is a Goldilocks zone that keeps the software fresh, healthy, and usable without resigning it to sit on its laurels or inundating it with every bell and whistle.