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Workplace Adaptation

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Today business is based upon independence but yet we find ourselves following a specified routine each day as a means of having a sense of stability. What would happen if the resources you always depended on changed and left you reaching out in hope anything that remained? As people we often see things in patterns and become reliant on having a feeling of living a balanced life. Society at this point is time is built upon instant gratification which has caused the business industry to cycle people through jobs at a much more rapid pace.  Often you’ll feel like an employee is taking a lot of irreplaceable resources with them but generally you can find whatever skills in bits and pieces scattered inside of a business. A company is a team with many of its players coming and going which may leave you in a state of confusion and isolation.  Living in a time where stress and demands are at an all time high it’s important for a worker to be able to cope with any obstacles thrown at them. Today work is defined specifically by team work but its key for a person to realize that a team is constructed of many independent people who have motivation for a shared goal.  Any changes within a company are opportunities for both good and bad to happen once the circumstances have changed. It is important for a person to see that things happen for a reason and to search for better possibilities instead of being phased by changes.