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Mixing Business and Personal Relationships

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

With the direction current markets are heading it’s a high possibility when seeking employment that you may have an internal contact within that company. The situation should always be approached carefully as neither party wants to give off bad vibes. Your contact will most likely be putting his reputation and credibility on the line in order to put in a good word for you. It’s your responsibility to treat an interview with upmost professionalism and not dwell too long on your personal relationship with your contact. Most often an individual thinks they are automatically hired just because they have a reference within the company. It’s important that you stray from this type of mentality and truly sell yourself during the interview stages. If you are potentially hired it’s important that you keep your personal and business relationships seperate. The interactions between you and your contact may greatly hinder your work ethic as well as cause attention to you both within the office. It’s best to keep these relationships seperate as to not cause any problems in office politics for either of you. At times you will find yourself in awkward situations or even conflict because of the personal basis that you know your contact. If you can manage to keep yourself unbiased, professional and mentally seperated then you can overcome any situation.