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Websites for Professional Service Companies

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010


In the Professional Service Industry it’s highly important that your flagship company stands out amongst the sea of its competitors. With many people logging onto the internet today it’s difficult to even find one company that hasn’t expanded its branches towards the highly competitive internet. When reaching clients on the web many new components come into play, such as the appearance of the website, which directly represents the image of your company. The website will also establish your company’s credibility to potential clients, so by providing beneficial testimonials and samples of your previous work on the site, you would be instilling a sense of confidence in the client. It would also be highly recommended that you clearly define what you do and briefly explain why a client should/would use your services. The most common mistake companies make though is launching poorly planned websites on budgets much smaller than what is recommended for them. When competing for business over the internet you need to show evidence that you are a successful company with experience in the area of your expertise and industry. So when companies make a rushed website which is aesthetically unpleasant to the client, it defers business away by giving off an illegitimate image of your company. The saying “you get what you pay for” always remains true, it’s better to go a little over budget in order to get something that will be able to make you money back instead of saving a little up front and having no business at all.

Professional Documents

Friday, August 13th, 2010

A commonly seen mistake that a majority of companies make is not taking the time and putting in the effort when compiling professional documentation. When a quote, contract or other documentation are drawn up it’s very important that every minuscule detail is planned out and brought to the attention of everyone involved. Most often the case is that these documents are constructed poorly due to the rushed feeling of sending the information to the other party as quickly as possible. When the documentation is sloppy there is a higher risk of error and may cause legal issues to erupt if either of the parties have certain criteria that have not been met. Hidden costs and other underlying factors will not help the agreement in the slightest and may cause more painstaking time to be invested in the quest to establish an agreement.  The documentation that a company uses in order to conduct these types of business must be of the highest quality in order to prove to the client that they are reputable, reliable, and professional. Another purpose of writing up detailed professional documents is to protect your company when involved in an exchange of services. Often when two parties enter into a disagreement the outcome can possibly escalate to legal action which can heavily impact your company and hurt the relationship even further. Contracts and other documentation should be as specifically detailed as possible and contractually binding in order to ensure that all aspects have been properly scoped out.

Discretion when Communicating with your Client’s Employees

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

In executive industries it is important to speak and function with professional mannerisms at all times. As individuals we must put forth an effort to keep both our personal and business lives separate from one another in order to provide a stable professional impression. At some points though we are put into difficult situations that force us to either give our personal opinions or get us involved as mediator in an office altercation. One of the worst case scenarios you want to be involved with is when a worker for one of your respective clients begins to vent about problems within the company. Being stuck in the middle of this issue could force you to pick sides and may jeopardize either one of the relationships that you are directly involved in.  Bringing controversial matters into the office can lead to big issues when the staff of the client shoots negative remarks and drama towards other portions of the client you provide services to. Although most people give immediate feedback whether positive or negative it’s important to realize that words can be twisted and can/will come back to bite you in the end. Its alright to sympathize with someone or give them personal advice, but make it a priority to keep it professional in order to maintain a healthy and loyal relationship with both the client and it’s employees. Even though certain office workers of clients may come to you and ask for your advice indiscreetly it’s important to remember that you owe it to yourself and your client to have the utmost loyalty. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you must use common sense to stay out of the crossfire and determine when dramatic situations are at their most critical.