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Enticing Projects

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Often times a client will keep project work low on their list of priorities within their company due to the other projects and activities they have going on. In certain situations you must vocalize the importance and benefits that your project work can bring to their company. The client needs to have their beliefs into the project and realize the returns they’ll receive on their investment. Looking at the end results is essential when discussing project work with a client, often the first point of focus is the thought of how arduous the process will be. Most often the client feels intimidated by the process and doesn’t comprehend the advancements that would be made within their company. The client may also be concerned with the window of time it would take to complete the project. In certain situations it will be beneficial for both you and the client to pace yourselves. Completing the process in stages will help to keep both parties on track and on a pace that is mutually beneficial. Talking over the vision you have for their company and the process of getting there will only help to make the possibility more realistic to the client. At times project work may seem daunting but the client must comprehend that if the initiative is taken that their company may become more efficient and convenient to manage.