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Pace Yourself

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Although we live in a time where technology is reaching higher heights we also must face one of the lowest points in the world’s economy. It’s important to realize that with many businesses falling under the economical strain it is undoubtedly difficult to find work. A vendor may find himself completely busy at one point and empty handed the next so it’s important that work is carefully scheduled out. Some of your clients may want things done as quickly and efficiently as possible which is understandable but an individual works at their own pace. The question you need to ask yourself is will the client sacrifice a couple hours more over the predetermined amount of time or the overall quality of the project they assigned you to complete? People often get caught up in their work and spend long hours into the night in order to finish up some last minute tasks for a project. It’s important that these tactics do not become habits which can lead to negative effects such as sloppy work or staying past your usual schedule of hours. A worker needs to work at a constant pace to ensure things are done right and also to stay consistent so work isn’t rushed or left until the last minute. It’s sometimes better to stay within your safe zone instead of going up and beyond the requirements and stretching yourself too thin to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.

Your Vendor Network

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

As a business sometimes it is more beneficial to go with slightly more expensive resources rather than buying a product from the local Best Buy.  You can form relationships with individuals who may in term help you in the long run rather than paying a couple dollars less and simply getting an item without any form of interaction. Most of business is a “one hand washes the other” type of exchange so referrals are worth their weight in gold.  Sometimes after doing business with a company and forming relationships with them they can further spread your name to other clients they are dealing with. So by conducting business in a more personal manner a company can then branch out with methods such as word of mouth on the vendor’s behalf and can lead to other reputable companies by reference. Its okay to make decisions that may cost a little more than competitors if you’re receiving better service and form relations within that company during the process. Often if you’re running a vertical business you must rely on having a consumer based list which is tailored to your needs and personal preference. It is important to know that picking your contact list can make or break you, selecting vendors that may do a poor job may cause you more trouble in the long run versus a more expensive service that only has an upfront cost. A successful company has good resources so forming relations with vendors could provide benefits in the near future as well as an assurance of quality.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Day?

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

time managementMost Americans work on a somewhat regular schedule, roughly 40 hours per week if they have a full-time job. For the entrepreneur however, challenges seem to defy regular work hours, sometimes increasing the work week to even 80 or more hours on a regular basis. It is important to not only spend time working, but to maximize the benefits of that time.

Efficiency is an important issue. Find ways to streamline your tasks so that they don’t consume more time than they need to. You can multi-task or do several duties in one trip, for example, rather than taking numerous separate trips across town to do separate errands. Consolidating trips can vastly reduce wasted time.

From a personal standpoint, you also need to take a personal inventory throughout each day. Check up on what you have accomplished thus far, what you still need to do, and whether anything should be shifted elsewhere in the day or re-scheduled for another day. Check your energy level and remember to eat and drink at regular times. Pump up your mood with positive self-talk that energizes you for the tasks still ahead, and make sure you don’t isolate from friends and colleagues in the process of growing your business. Keep personal and professional ties strong, as those relationships fuel your energy and motivate you to keep on working.

Time management, for the entrepreneur, often becomes an issue of not working harder, but working smarter.