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Manage Your Time More Efficiently

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

manage timeWe live in a busy age. There are so many things to do! The challenge lies in determining which tasks are the most critical, which can wait a little while, and which don’t actually need to be done at all.

When starting your day, it’s a good idea to look at all the tasks that need to be done and organize them according to priority. Very important tasks should obviously be at the top of your to do list, making sure that you don’t overload your day with so many critical tasks that you can’t complete them all. Next, consider the myriad of other tasks that are not quite so critical but that you still want to take care of before day’s end. Group similar tasks together if you can, such as setting aside a time to make several phone calls all at once rather than interspersing calls at intervals throughout the day. Consolidate errands to avoid unnecessary travel time, and then decide which tasks can be relegated to the bottom of your list.

Armed with such a blueprint, your day becomes much organized and your duties are much more manageable. Be sure to take time in between to eat regular meals, drink plenty of water, and notice the world around you in order to avoid stress caused by too much rushing and pressure. Whatever you do not accomplish today can be placed at the top of your list tomorrow when you start this whole process over again.

Stop Wasting Money! Get Organized Today

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

organizationSo, you are in your new office space, your employees all have their designated areas in which to work, and your business is thriving…but what do you do with all the “stuff” that exists in a busy office? Getting organized should be your first priority when setting up a workspace, whether just for yourself or including several other workers.

First, organize the office with ease of use in mind. Keep traffic paths clear and do not layout desks or other furniture in such a way that it impedes the efficient flow of foot traffic. Keeping items that are frequently used close to one’s desk avoids having to go to another area to retrieve such items. Computer terminals, telephones, and relative software should obviously be on the desk, but other than those the only things that belong are those things that are used frequently throughout the workday. Avoid clutter and make sure that important items have a “home”, where they are always stowed so that they are easy to find when they are needed.

Underlying the physical aspect of organization lies the task of organizing your time. Keep a date book or calendar handy with appointments, schedules, “to do lists” and deadlines so that nothing important is forgotten. Check this list frequently to help yourself stay on track with important duties and to avoid becoming sidetracked. Staying organized is an ongoing task, one that will pay off in dividends of success if you are diligent to pursue it.