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Employee Prioritization

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

As a vendor you will be required to often work with many individuals that make up your client as a whole or by dealing with an individual who represents the entire company. When you work with certain individuals however it is a common that they disassociate what the true purpose of the project is. An employee outside of the upper management ring is more likely to focus on their own personal needs and inquire about issues that relate solely to their position. Often this case of being assigned a primary contact to work with throughout the project will cause deviation from what has been deemed the plan of action. Although it is natural for tunnel vision to occur within projects it is important that as a vendor you take the responsibility to make sure that you are always on the same page as your client’s upper management. An individual may not have a grasp of the full picture that their respective company is aiming for. Accomplishing the goals set by the client as a whole should always be your main objective and should not be clouded by an individual’s side comments or ideas. It’s best that you keep your priorities in check and constantly refer back to the true decision makers before beginning or modifying existing specifications. Stepping away from the true issues will often result into prolonged work which can only lengthen the expected time for product completion.

Vendor Cooperation

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Although your service company has many clients it’s tough to assume that you are their one and only. Certain projects may entail that you collaborate with the clients other vendors to accomplish a common goal. Although it can be difficult at times to cooperate and rely on one another it’s important that the client does not witness any conflict between vendors. The main focus is to complete the task for the client and overcome the obstacles that have been placed in front of you. Sometimes you and the other vendor will not be on the same page which leaves the task at hand more complex than first thought. It’s important that your loyalty towards the client is always true so that issues with communication, cooperation, and implementation are all out in the open to protect the client. At times another vendor’s incompetence can hinder you and your company’s ability to get the task done in an efficient manner. It’s important to let the client know what’s going on but not expect any feedback after you have informed them of the current status. It’s best to be as honest as possible with the client and let them stay as the mediator between you and the other service company rather than getting in between them. You must maintain your company’s professionalism and handle the situations delicately, leaving them to rest on your client for them to make their own decisions.