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Client Infighting

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

For a small and expanding company it’s important to establish the consistency of its clientele base. When venturing out into the business world it is commonly found that you will work with other small business owners such as married couples or prior friends. These types of clients have certain weaknesses such as getting divorced or questioning who amongst them has the most authority over the others. As a business you must be able to stay neutral when entering awkward positions and treat the parties involved equally. One of the most crucial components of professionalism is to remember to never play favorites when playing a role as a vendor of services. Other factors that may come up with ex-partners or couples who have been divorced are the complications in the way you do business by dividing the services amongst the pieces of the company. It is in these circumstances that you must not choice one over another and know the key people that you must deal with in order to keep the client’s business. For small business remaining in a professional state may lead to potential clients down the road if the company has split or changed. Decisions between the vendor and client must always be well thought out as well as brought to the attention of everyone who is involved. By keeping neutral and staying within the legal boundaries when dealing with touchy situations will help to avoid any snags or disagreements you might be stuck between.

Your Vendor Network

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

As a business sometimes it is more beneficial to go with slightly more expensive resources rather than buying a product from the local Best Buy.  You can form relationships with individuals who may in term help you in the long run rather than paying a couple dollars less and simply getting an item without any form of interaction. Most of business is a “one hand washes the other” type of exchange so referrals are worth their weight in gold.  Sometimes after doing business with a company and forming relationships with them they can further spread your name to other clients they are dealing with. So by conducting business in a more personal manner a company can then branch out with methods such as word of mouth on the vendor’s behalf and can lead to other reputable companies by reference. Its okay to make decisions that may cost a little more than competitors if you’re receiving better service and form relations within that company during the process. Often if you’re running a vertical business you must rely on having a consumer based list which is tailored to your needs and personal preference. It is important to know that picking your contact list can make or break you, selecting vendors that may do a poor job may cause you more trouble in the long run versus a more expensive service that only has an upfront cost. A successful company has good resources so forming relations with vendors could provide benefits in the near future as well as an assurance of quality.

Specification Requirements

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Detail oriented people are a highly sought after commodity in today’s day and age. With the drastic increase during the past couple years information has spread faster and has in effect cut down on the details involved in business. When discussing projects with a vendor it’s important to keep in mind that the more specific the requirements the more directed and time effective the project will be.  By making your requirements clear it is more probable that the company developing your projects will have a better understanding and will spend less time bringing features to the table that you may not even require. Being able to make your ideas and thoughts known will also ease the process of billing by making the time put in more traceable due to the specific instructions that are given.  Most of the time a  vendor must lean on a client while constantly pushing for feedback so that they can make the objectives clear and keep all the details in perspective. The benefits of a client clearly stating their requirements will help to avoid confusion, keep the company in charge of the development in a stricter mind set, and will overall streamline the entire process.  Stress is constantly felt on a vendor when developing projects for clients due to the fact that they are being billed by each hour they put in for a client and are under a tedious time schedule. In these situations a vendor must quickly understand the client’s needs and specific requirements in order to accomplish the project in an efficient manner.