Taking Over Projects

Business for the most part is a cut throat industry which places the cost effective and professional companies on top of the food chain. Sometimes you will get to a point where you may even take a project away from another vendor either because of your work ethic or capabilities which are better suited for getting the client’s project done. However nothing is ever going to be smooth in anyone’s line of work so there are occasionally landmines in integrating services that are already rendered with those that you incorporate into your style of service.   These situations need extra care and demand a more thorough thought process, it would be in your best interest to manage the expectations of the client so that the project isn’t taken away from you.  If you can explain to the client that there will be some extra costs with the transition at first it will avoid many more bumps down the road when their product is close to being finished and requires more time.  An important way of establishing a sense of trust is to make it clear to the client that learning the ins and outs of what someone else did previously is a free service.  Also be prepared to expound on the weaknesses of existing work if it’s going to lower the quality of the final product, which is now your responsibility. It is important to never give an exact estimate for work that has been started by another vendor because of the hidden factors such as sloppy code which may alter the end cost for the client. After receiving another vendors project it’s important to stay level headed and make sure all your promises are realistic as well as meet the needs of the client which are making a leap of faith in order to accomplish a set project.

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