Quality Work at an Inexpensive Price

small business ownerRecessions are a great time for expanding businesses to consider hiring. With constant economic gloom and doom being projected through the airwaves and unemployment at its highest rate in 26 years, many Americans are beginning to worry about job security. For those who are supporting a family, unemployment can mean disaster.  Similarly, common expenses such as car, mortgage, and credit card payments pose an equally threatening risk. Bankruptcy, what once seemed like an all-else-fails escape plan, is now nearly impossible to file. Because of this, many Americans are willing to do just about anything to stay afloat.

With the amount of recently laid-off professionals looking for work, businesses can be extremely selective when hiring. Currently, very few businesses are actually hiring. Instead of businesses fighting over applicants, applicants are competing for jobs. According to a friend of mine who happens to be a recent radiology technologist graduate, there were over 160 applicants directly competing with him for a single job listing in Orlando, Florida. Although not all fields are as saturated as radiology-tech, many fields are experiencing similar surpluses in workers.

There is no need to outsource when professionally trained workers in the United States are willing to work for next to nothing. Many college graduates and recently laid-off workers have having trouble finding work. They aren’t know-nothing pimply faced highschoolers. These applicants many businesses are seeing are educated, easily trained, and sometimes experienced. From a business standpoint, experienced workers can be hired at entry-level wages.

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