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The Unbillable Hour

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

One aspect that is overlooked when owning your own business is the maintenance and growth of your company. Often a majority of your divided focus will be on the ongoing transactions before you. Companies end up suffering due to the lack of resources towards their own expansion and the deprivation of their daily upkeep. The most common aspect that falls between the cracks is their website which becomes outdated and infrequently updated. Keep in mind that you must find slots for your company amongst your priorities so that you can stay up to date in all respects. It’s important to set aside time, money and resources in order to give your company the attention it deserves in order to develop properly.  Often a company is held back because of its inability to be streamlined and competitive amongst an ever changing market. Time to thoroughly evaluate your company and the niches which need to be improved upon will only help to establish a stronger presence within your respective area of expertise. Keeping your company fresh and constantly striving for improvement will ensure that you have a steady stream of clients constantly flowing through. Your company image needs to be maintained more often than you can imagine, the time and effort put forth into your company will benefit in the end from all your investments.


Websites for Professional Service Companies

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010


In the Professional Service Industry it’s highly important that your flagship company stands out amongst the sea of its competitors. With many people logging onto the internet today it’s difficult to even find one company that hasn’t expanded its branches towards the highly competitive internet. When reaching clients on the web many new components come into play, such as the appearance of the website, which directly represents the image of your company. The website will also establish your company’s credibility to potential clients, so by providing beneficial testimonials and samples of your previous work on the site, you would be instilling a sense of confidence in the client. It would also be highly recommended that you clearly define what you do and briefly explain why a client should/would use your services. The most common mistake companies make though is launching poorly planned websites on budgets much smaller than what is recommended for them. When competing for business over the internet you need to show evidence that you are a successful company with experience in the area of your expertise and industry. So when companies make a rushed website which is aesthetically unpleasant to the client, it defers business away by giving off an illegitimate image of your company. The saying “you get what you pay for” always remains true, it’s better to go a little over budget in order to get something that will be able to make you money back instead of saving a little up front and having no business at all.