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Ensuring Client Needs

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Acquiring new project work from a client can be a very exciting ordeal. However it is often this excitement that leads to issues further down the road for you as a vendor. Your first instinct is to commence working on the project as quickly as possible. By rushing into certain projects you are setting your company up for error without taking the time to understand your client’s needs. The lines of communication always need to be open on both ends in order to ensure that each party has a sufficient understanding. Another method of ensuring that communication is occurring is by occasionally checking back with the client to ensure that the goal is still the same. The specifications your client gives you must be completely comprehended and strategized before any effort is made on the project. With the proper planning and implementation you can prevent the possibility of errors occurring within the scope of work. It is also important in this process to keep your client up to speed and inform them on the progress being made. The client’s vision and goal has to be captured by you so you can provide them with the proper services required to get them to the final product.


Attention to Detail

Friday, October 29th, 2010


In business the difference between someone reaping the benefits of success and someone who is inefficient, is their practice in habits. The most essential individuals towards a company are those who practice being organized, timely, responsible and capable of being relied upon. A worker is a direct representation of a company so when dealing with other respectable businesses it’s important that they uphold their policies and practices. Although it is inevitable that mistakes will always be made it’s important to take the time in order to ensure that quality efforts have been put forth. A commonly occurring scenario is that the client receives a hastily created invoice that gives ambiguous details as to the measures that have been taken. Realistically everyone in any business venue will desire to know every detail of each action performed towards their services, either to justify the work they are being provided or to ensure that their requirements have been met. That is why invoices must be carefully thought out and peppered with an exceptional amount of detail to properly inform the consumer. Legally an invoice brings all information out into out into the open in order to ensure that both parties have held up each side of the proposed agreement. Today we find ourselves in an economy that is currently experiencing hardships where detail when dealing with clients and consumers has never been so highly sought after.

Specification Requirements

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Detail oriented people are a highly sought after commodity in today’s day and age. With the drastic increase during the past couple years information has spread faster and has in effect cut down on the details involved in business. When discussing projects with a vendor it’s important to keep in mind that the more specific the requirements the more directed and time effective the project will be.  By making your requirements clear it is more probable that the company developing your projects will have a better understanding and will spend less time bringing features to the table that you may not even require. Being able to make your ideas and thoughts known will also ease the process of billing by making the time put in more traceable due to the specific instructions that are given.  Most of the time a  vendor must lean on a client while constantly pushing for feedback so that they can make the objectives clear and keep all the details in perspective. The benefits of a client clearly stating their requirements will help to avoid confusion, keep the company in charge of the development in a stricter mind set, and will overall streamline the entire process.  Stress is constantly felt on a vendor when developing projects for clients due to the fact that they are being billed by each hour they put in for a client and are under a tedious time schedule. In these situations a vendor must quickly understand the client’s needs and specific requirements in order to accomplish the project in an efficient manner.