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Subtle Differences

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Few people today understand the discrepancies between an invoice and bill due to their many similarities when being viewed from the service. In the English language many words are synonymous for one another but yet hold two different meanings behind them. An invoice is described as a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer. They also indicate to the buyer that they must pay the seller, according to the payments terms and conditions. What an invoice does not do however, is give the buyer the balance of previous works that may not have been paid yet and represent only what has currently occurred. Bills are a combination of invoices and statements which contain all the information that a buyer would see on an invoice. A bill goes further in depth to show the buyer both the balance of what services have previously been provided in addition to the most recently completed tasks. Simply put a bill gives the buyer a more complete picture of everything that has taken place up to that point in time where the buyer receives it. The previous costs, invoices, and payments are all incorporated into the structure of a bill to provide the buyer with a broader view of what their remaining balances are.


Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Today we are privileged to live in a world run by addicting mass social media sites and networking tools to help us thrive in our business industries. Internet based methods of networking such as Facebook, and Myspace have been able to speed up as well as simplify the process of communicating with others. Networking helps to stimulate knowledge and the speeds at which networking occurs with tools such as Skype. Networking has increased over the past couple years and with it has come the rapid fire influx of information being spread. When someone has a goal, networking with another individual that has already gone through the processes they are looking at will significantly increase their confidence and insure that everything will run smoothly. By sharing thoughts and experiences through networking it is possible to accomplish more than sitting at a computer and googling information about what areas you’re interested in. People with good connections are most of the time able to achieve much more than Joe schmo who doesn’t have a friend or clue. Having friends on the other side of the fence that you can interact with will help you function better in the long run. The share of information from one individual to another has been around since the beginning of time but sharing has never been this convenient or easy until now.

Specification Requirements

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Detail oriented people are a highly sought after commodity in today’s day and age. With the drastic increase during the past couple years information has spread faster and has in effect cut down on the details involved in business. When discussing projects with a vendor it’s important to keep in mind that the more specific the requirements the more directed and time effective the project will be.  By making your requirements clear it is more probable that the company developing your projects will have a better understanding and will spend less time bringing features to the table that you may not even require. Being able to make your ideas and thoughts known will also ease the process of billing by making the time put in more traceable due to the specific instructions that are given.  Most of the time a  vendor must lean on a client while constantly pushing for feedback so that they can make the objectives clear and keep all the details in perspective. The benefits of a client clearly stating their requirements will help to avoid confusion, keep the company in charge of the development in a stricter mind set, and will overall streamline the entire process.  Stress is constantly felt on a vendor when developing projects for clients due to the fact that they are being billed by each hour they put in for a client and are under a tedious time schedule. In these situations a vendor must quickly understand the client’s needs and specific requirements in order to accomplish the project in an efficient manner.