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Business Records

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

One of the most important aspects of running your own business is the maintenance and process of keeping business records. The act of classifying, storing, and securing legal documents is essential towards a company in any niche. Keeping track of the flow of your company is one of the most important factors in managing your own business.  Staying on top of your records will make the process much easier when the time comes to track down the specifics of your company. Documents such as bank slips, statements, bills and invoices should all be sorted appropriately for your reference at a later time. Most small businesses fail to keep specific documentation regarding purchases they’ve made throughout the year that may help to give you a more detailed perspective on your company finances. The process of retaining legal documents has become much simpler with the recent introduction of electronic documentation. It’s much easier to store and organize information on your computer than to physically store documents or manually sift through them to find the documents you need. Having your legal documents in an organized state is essential because they will be required for legal purposes, taxation purposes, analyzing business strategies and future planning.


Attention to Detail

Friday, October 29th, 2010


In business the difference between someone reaping the benefits of success and someone who is inefficient, is their practice in habits. The most essential individuals towards a company are those who practice being organized, timely, responsible and capable of being relied upon. A worker is a direct representation of a company so when dealing with other respectable businesses it’s important that they uphold their policies and practices. Although it is inevitable that mistakes will always be made it’s important to take the time in order to ensure that quality efforts have been put forth. A commonly occurring scenario is that the client receives a hastily created invoice that gives ambiguous details as to the measures that have been taken. Realistically everyone in any business venue will desire to know every detail of each action performed towards their services, either to justify the work they are being provided or to ensure that their requirements have been met. That is why invoices must be carefully thought out and peppered with an exceptional amount of detail to properly inform the consumer. Legally an invoice brings all information out into out into the open in order to ensure that both parties have held up each side of the proposed agreement. Today we find ourselves in an economy that is currently experiencing hardships where detail when dealing with clients and consumers has never been so highly sought after.

Invoice Balance

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

For smaller companies the science behind the way they conduct business is more intimate due to the fact that they are dealing with smaller clients. The first thought that crosses their mind is to reduce sticker shock and manage expectations by invoicing a client immediately.   The client in this situation could become frightened and uncomfortable due to the fact that an entire project can be mounted on top of them all at once.  In these types of situations the vendor can find themselves in heated discussions where they must justify the work they’ve provided in order to rationalize the costs involved. The best technique to practice in order to avoid any problems when dealing with clients would be to have a set schedule/plan that would allow for sufficient time between invoices. A client is more likely to look at the costs rather than what services a company has provided for them at first glance. A company must develop a rhythm for invoicing that would allow the clients enough clients to take in the full picture of the services provided and the costs that follow them.

Every company is different.   Depending on the size of your invoices and the ability for your clients to handle them within their budget, you’ll want to find the perfect “sweet spot” for choosing your frequency.  In most cases this will fall between two and four weeks but just determine what feels right for you and tweak it until you find the right balance.

Money Flow

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


One of the most convenient features of modern society today is the ability to make money a fluid variable. Technology has been able to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for money to be both sent and collected. The advancements are beneficial to companies, workers, and clients by eliminating the time it takes to get things done. Applications for phones and websites have been the most effective in making the process of business easier. Many websites offer online applications which maximize user functions and allows almost any task to be done remotely with the push of a button. Instead of going through the daily hassles of keeping track of who owes what and how much needs to be sent, computers have been able to speed up and manage the company’s exchange rate. By utilizing computers a business is able to accurately know the cash flow balance at the moment, keep a history of any transactions, and give you future flow projections. Touchy issues such as collection are also sped up by sending invoices electronically in a convenient and professional manner. Technology is now able to give the user a more in depth view into the heart and soul of a company and make sure that a consistency of money is flowing in to cover expenses and make payments. These tools are key in today’s fast paced business world and is constantly growing to reach faster methods of keeping money in a fluent state.

Manage Your Money And Your Business More Efficiently

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

manage moneyAs a business owner, you have a number of expenses – probably more expenses than you’d care to count. Also as a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities, the least of which is managing your money. On top of that, you have to ensure that your business runs efficiently; otherwise, you lose money. Not to worry, however, there is new software that can resolve many of your business concerns.

Enter Your Hours payroll software can help any business more efficiently manage labor hours, invoices, and so much more. This payroll software uses your web browser, so there is no hassle of downloading large amounts of software. Using Enter Your Hours, you can simply log on and enter your billing hours. The payroll software will also help you create custom invoices and manage money. Links to software such as Quickbooks will help you with many of your accounting needs. Enter Your Score payroll software allows you to create emails and export needed information to anyone.

And, since you don’t have to download software, you can access your account and log hours from anywhere. You can even input hours using a phone with internet access. This is a great way to manage money and run your business smoothly.