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Handling Customers

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

When working in the service industry it’s important that you have the skill set and ability to adapt to different situations. Each customer has a different personality type and manner of going about business. There will be circumstances where customers will be unhappy or confused due to a misunderstanding. The most valued trait to have when dealing with a customer such as this is to have patience. If you find yourself speaking to an angry customer it’s best to first listen to their issues before beginning to defend your company. After the customer has vented out their frustrations and has cooled down, you can take the time to address their concerns one by one.


You should take this opportunity to express your sympathies and offer up an explanation to answer all of their concerns. At times the customer may be upset because of discrepancies in the costs of services that you have provided for them, you should sit down with the client and justify your work as well as explain the reasoning behind the costs. Most customers will see your side of the story understand that there may have been unforeseen issues and will be understanding to the rise in costs. If for some reason they are still unhappy you should try to work with them in order to ensure that both parties are happy, offering a discount or credit will surely help to diffuse the situation and allow both parties to be satisfied with the outcome. Being transparent with your customers will help to avoid any confusion or miscommunications in the future.

Personality Types

Monday, August 1st, 2011

A team is defined as a group of individuals who can come forth and move together to meet a common goal. Within that team each individual has a different personality type that needs to compliment the others in order for everything to click together. While each person has their own shortcomings it’s important that other members in the groups can cover the weaknesses in the group. Someone who is not as aggressive can collaborate with an aggressive individual in the group in order to obtain their final results. Certain positions and duties require individuals who will be able to come together and compliment each other’s personality type. Aspects such as attention to detail, creativity, confidence, and overall experience are all heavily reliant on the team’s respective personality types. Some individuals are better fit for tasks that fall within their personality types such as repetitive tasks or projects centered on thinking outside the box. By taking into account the different personality types within a group you can ensure that there is a sense of compatibility with each other. A team must be able to adapt to certain situations and compensate for each other’s weaknesses.


Building Client Relationships

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Business handshake

In today’s world we’ve become accustomed to the technological advances that have made it possible to achieve our goals remotely. However the personal side of business has undoubtedly remained true to its roots and continues to source a vast majority of the business individuals rake in. Building relationships with the people you work as well as the ones you would hope to work with are one of the most sensitive and crucial areas associated with the business world. An individual will usually take a client out to lunch in order to discuss business prospects in hopes that they are a good fit to work with one another. It is important to have a more personal touch when establishing business prospects because it could potentially open more doors of opportunity down the road. If an individual is socially capable they can expand their network circle and increase their influx of business by establishing relationships with potential clients and companies. Usually those who are successful have characteristics such as having many connections, these individuals tend to be extroverted social butterflies as compared to the commonly found closed personality types who sit back and only speak when spoken to. Its a commonly seen characteristic of those who are successful that they are willing to spend a little more money in order to ensure that the client has an enjoyable experience. An individual who takes a client out to a fast food restaurant is more likely to lose the client’s business when compared to being taken out to a well known sit down restaurant. Mistakes such as choosing your personal place to eat instead of going to a client’s favorite will lead to an increasing chance that they may not have similar taste and cause the client’s experience to diminish. As long as you spare no expense to establish a healthy relationship with the client and treat them as you would like to be treated you will be able to expand your network as well as your company.