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Proper Project Management

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

The stage of developing a proposal for a client is based upon the plan of action that you have sketched out in order to accomplish that goal. Some key points that should always be kept in mind are that one person should be given one role within the project. It is also very crucial that each person knows their territory so there is no confusion when attempting to complete the project. If one team member somehow got confused about the defined roles and figured someone else’s job was to complete a certain task, then it will slip through the cracks and never get done. This example scenario could hold a project back significantly and should be ironed out long before work any project work for the client even commences. Not only will the misunderstanding prolong the project but it will upset the client, diminish your credibility and cause your service company to have to eat hours. During the stages of project analysis your team needs to be aware of their roles and responsibilities to ensure that every aspect of the project is managed. Confusion and questions will always be a part of every project but if you approach each with a well thought out game plan you can streamline the project to better prepare yourself for any mishaps. The allocation of your workers to the project requirements is essential and will incur proper communication amongst all parties involved. By establishing lines of the territories within the project as well as creating a detailed project map you can ensure that the project is completed both promptly and correctly.