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Improving Teamwork

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Today it’s difficult to imagine a project reaching completion without having a team with different areas of expertise behind it.

It’s becoming more common that individuals are being placed into more team oriented positions now rather than tackling a project as an individual. The effectiveness of the team is only as good as the motivation and dedication that each member is willing to contribute towards the common goal. In order to be a beneficial component of a team you should incorporate a few helpful tips into your work ethics.

You’ve probably heard the expression before that you should always cut once and measure twice. This applies heavily towards teamwork where a variety of different people are coming together to attain a main objective. The members of the team must be given concise goals and objectives along with a specified time-frame  in which they have to achieve them. Clearing  all confusion from the starting point will ensure that the team will stay on the same page and also moving in the same direction throughout the project. Another important aspect of teamwork is having a defined team leader that will be able to keep the team motivated and on track. One of the most essential components in improving upon teamwork is ensuring that there is a steady flow of communication throughout the group. Open discussion will help aide the development of the project and allow for different perspectives to be taken into account when determining the plan of action. The most common issue with teamwork is that not everyone is heard so its best to set an open and encouraging atmosphere to allow for idea development. Keeping these tips in mind will help to promote strong teamwork amongst the other members in your group and furnish a better overall end result.

Your Client Contacts

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Working for a client can often be difficult due to the sheer number of employees trying to voice their opinion all at once. Although you will primarily work directly with a particular assigned individual it’s important that you understand the hierarchy of the client. At times your priorities will be clouded by other employees who feel that their own concerns should be remedied first. When others begin to ask of you it’s best to simply draw a line in the sand, but keep things in focus and ask management about any possible issues or new ideas that have been brought to your attention by other employees. If you follow the personal thoughts of someone who may not be as highly ranked within the project does not mean that they can steer you in the right direction. Always confirm before working on any employee concerns so that you don’t do anything that would be deemed unnecessary by the client. As the vendor you need to stay on top of the client project at all times and take all aspects into consideration while clearly staying within the boundaries. The underlying scope of work should always be your main priority as you take other employee feedback into account but ask permission before shuffling it into your agenda.

Focus Factor

Monday, May 17th, 2010

iStock_000000911529XSmallIt is a given that in today’s fast paced business world that an individual can be overburdened and burnt out when working under billed hours. Working by the hour has become an industry standard and has forced the blue collar programmer to rush themselves to accommodate the predestined amount of time. Under these circumstances the quality of the work put into a project truly suffers because of the limitations put on a worker. It is important for detail orientated work such as programming to be put on a less demanding time frame. An individual who is working at a comfortable pace is able to pour more detail and quality into a project than a person who is simply coding to get a project done before the window closes. It is important for a person to remain in a state of balance while at the same time keeping an eye on the time allocated for their work to be completed. Although it is expected of almost everything in today’s culture to be finished in an unrealistic manner, it is key for an individual to keep pride in their work to get projects done the right way. A company would benefit greatly by tossing a couple more hours into the mix rather than receiving rushed results that won’t satisfy their needs in order to save a couple dollars. Programmers are in a brutal market but the key is to remain efficient, detailed, and focused on the tasks ahead while keeping a level mind when looking at the project as a whole.