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Contact Lists

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Usually a business finds itself bouncing from one company’s services to another in order to find and establish a partnership that caters specifically to their needs and issues. Most people that do business with other companies do not have the time or patience to go through the standard automated customer service system. The rule that you’re only as powerful as your connections stands true here and is sometimes the determining factor between a simple mistake and a complete mess.  In order to bypass the standard procedures it’s important to establish your connections with higher level workers in order to receive the level of service you deserve for the money you pay. It would be in your best interest to always get the person’s name that is helping you and also ask for their direct number in case any other problems should arise. In moments of crisis or issues that need attention immediately, you would be better off dialing a number to reach an individual directly rather than being left on hold or talking to someone else who isn’t quite as knowledgeable. It’s best to have a better grasp on things and by having close connections to someone who is best suited for the job will give you the peace of mind you need when something goes wrong. Sometimes we can find ourselves desperate to solve an issue and end up spending more by dealing with less reputable companies in order to remedy the problem. It’s important to remember those that have helped you and keep them in mind in order to make the process of communication much easier and getting both you as well as the company back on your feet.

Professional Documents

Friday, August 13th, 2010

A commonly seen mistake that a majority of companies make is not taking the time and putting in the effort when compiling professional documentation. When a quote, contract or other documentation are drawn up it’s very important that every minuscule detail is planned out and brought to the attention of everyone involved. Most often the case is that these documents are constructed poorly due to the rushed feeling of sending the information to the other party as quickly as possible. When the documentation is sloppy there is a higher risk of error and may cause legal issues to erupt if either of the parties have certain criteria that have not been met. Hidden costs and other underlying factors will not help the agreement in the slightest and may cause more painstaking time to be invested in the quest to establish an agreement.  The documentation that a company uses in order to conduct these types of business must be of the highest quality in order to prove to the client that they are reputable, reliable, and professional. Another purpose of writing up detailed professional documents is to protect your company when involved in an exchange of services. Often when two parties enter into a disagreement the outcome can possibly escalate to legal action which can heavily impact your company and hurt the relationship even further. Contracts and other documentation should be as specifically detailed as possible and contractually binding in order to ensure that all aspects have been properly scoped out.