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Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

As a vendor one of the most time consuming aspects of scoping out work for current or potential clients is the construction of proposals. Contrary to popular belief it’s important that you do not base your proposals off a template to speed up the process. Each client and project is unique which requires every minuscule detail to be addressed and all aspects of the potential relationship to be brought out into the open. Your proposal is a direct representation of your company and it would be in your best interest to put in your complete effort towards each proposal. Templates will often leave out thoughts and aspects of the project by only requiring you to fill in the blanks with general information. The time and attention to detail that you put forth into your proposals will shine above those of the other competitors that your client will receive. You must also be selective with sending out proposals and only do so when you feel that your company is fit for the potential client. Requests for proposal are also to be expected whether they are current or potential clients. In this scenario you must determine if your company is fit for it and interested in the project before sending them a throughout proposal. This is where companies would make the mistake of sending them a “cookie cutter” response. Sending out template proposals will only reflect negatively and taking the time to personal ones can be time consuming. Some clients aren’t even confident about the project getting off the ground so it’s important to use your judgment and time management skills to decide if to formulate a proposal. Using your judgment will only help you down the road, saving you time and effort when dealing with potential or current clients.