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Time Or Money?

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

time money“Time is money”, as the saying goes. As an entrepreneur, your time is valuable and should not be wasted. But how do you determine when your time is being well-spent or when it is being frittered away on an unnecessary task?

It may help to remember that not every duty is a priority. If you are out of town and are expected back on a certain day but you could easily work from where you are and save a bundle on airfare by flying a day or two later in the week, it may be wise to do so. The money you save may easily outweigh the benefits of hurrying home. Likewise, if you can delegate a small task to someone else, thus freeing yourself to spend your own time on a much more profitable project, it may be wise to do so. Micromanaging never helps you to get ahead, so learn to delegate smaller tasks so that you can focus on the larger ones that will do more to further your business.

Simple errands can be huge time wasters, so plan them carefully. Call ahead for product information whenever possible in order to avoid traveling all over town looking for a particular item in several stores. Schedule client appointments in such a way that you minimize driving time by planning your routes and locations ahead of time. The few minutes it takes to plan in advance will save your valuable time to be spent on more important things.