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Is A Virtual Office Right For You?

Friday, July 24th, 2009

virtual officeThere have always been professionals who earned their living by working from a home office, but these were usually writers or other entrepreneurs. Recently however, more and more people are choosing a virtual office as their main place of work, even running large companies and multi-million dollar businesses without the benefit of an actual office site other than their computer in their own home. Is this the best choice for your business?

Of course, each business owner is unique, and only you can decide if working outside the confines of a physical office will work for you. The benefits of reduced overhead cost, no maintenance, and the ability to easily work at whatever time of day you choose make a virtual office seem desirable. This assumes that you are a self-motivated individual who works well on your own without others to drive you to get your work done! If so, you may enjoy a virtual office and the freedom that it gives. You may also prefer to hire employees who work from home, as you are then able to seek workers from nearly any part of the country and thus increase your available pool of talent.

Working at a distance from your employees can pose challenges with insurance benefits, schedules and deadlines, so you must stay on top of things if you hire employees at a distance. But if all goes well, you might be glad you chose a virtual office for yourself, your company, and those in your employ.