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login to and open up a support ticket if you need help getting started. If you see an ID in the Details column of the QuickBooks Web Connector, please include it in the support ticket. You can also email


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If you are an account holder and would like to start using QuickBooks Integration, please follow these steps.

Step-by-Step Installation

1. Download and install the free QuickBooks Web Connector:
Once installed, the QuickBooks Web Connector can typically be found in the QuickBooks program group by clicking the Start button. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

2. Login to and navigate to the QuickBooks page:

QuickBooks Toolbar

At the top of the QuickBooks page, you will see instructions with a link to download your configuration (QWC) file for the QuickBooks Web Connector. Download this file to your computer.

3. Download your configuration (QWC) file found on the QuickBooks page.

4. Double-click the QWC file you have just downloaded and from the menu, select "File" -> "Add an Application".

5. Start running updates between and QuickBooks. will first need to "discover" what customers and items are available in QuickBooks for mapping, so it is recommended that you run an update as soon as you've added the configuration file. To run updates between and QuickBooks, click the checkbox at the beginning of the row in the QuickBooks Web Connector. Then click the "Update Selected" button.

6. After running your first update, you will be able to create your mapping in This is accomplished by navigating to the QuickBooks screen and accessing the appropriate tabs.