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EnterYourHours.com is an hourly tracking and billing software system that allows you to track time, generate and send invoices, view reports, simplify everyday accounting, and so much more.

Ideal for law firms, marketing companies, IT consultants, industry professionals, and anyone who bills by the hour.

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Hourly Billing and Tracking Software
  • Customized

    Add your logo and determine how much or how little detail is shown. You can group data in a variety of ways, block or show columns and description detail, and for customers that still have outstanding balances, you can show last payment and total due summaries.   Read more...

  • iPhone App - Free Account Available!

    With our free Iphone App, you can create invoices or look up information. On the road and a client has a question about an invoice? No problem. Onsite for an infrequent client and you want to invoice it before you leave? You can do it in seconds.   Read more...

  • QuickBooks Integration

    Sync your invoices and customers and even customize which QuickBooks item types get billed. The entire process is automated with easy-to-follow instructions. We support all versions of Quickbooks Simple Start, Pro, and Premiere.   Read more...

  • Getting Started Tours and Guides

    Whether you like instructional videos, want to dive into a full reference, or just want verify a feature, we have the place for you. Our New User Center has videos, FAQs, and a complete, searchable help system with lots of screenshots.   Read more...

QuickBooks Integration
Online Payments
Enter Your Hours
At the core of the EYH system are the records of all the work performed. Anyone performing work that will get billed to a client, or simply needs to be tracked for auditing purposes, will enter this information into EYH. As you can imagine, the process is incredibly simple.

Enter Hours Screen
Review Daily & Weekly History Snapshots
Viewing what's been entered is a snap. Perhaps you want to verify the numbers are correct, or do a gut-check of how much money you made that week. With filters and the summary tab, you can view any slice and cut of your business.

Enter Hours Screen Summary Tab
Multi-Task Timer
Track multiple timer sessions throughout your work day. Stop a timer for one client or project, and then start the timer for another. Return to the first timer and pick up where you left off. You can run up to ten timers per day.

Multi-Task Timer
Customized Invoices
Invoices can be customized in a variety of ways. You can also control the way your billing information is displayed by choosing to roll up your hours or break them out by project, activity, worker, date, or any combination you choose.

Billing Screen
Customer Statements
Statements allow for a more streamlined approach when dealing with billing. With Statements, your customers receive a snapshot of unpaid items which is helpful in keeping your cash flowing.

Billing Screen
Precise, Fast and Robust Billing
Bill using any methodology you want; date-based, by client, by worker, or just gather everything in the system and start shooting off invoices. The filtering and batching system gives you precise control of when your invoices go out, while making sure you don't double bill, or forget to bill.

Billing Screen
Create and Send Invoices in Seconds
One click creates the invoice. Another click opens up the preconfigured email form, and the final click sends it off for payment. It's that simple.

Billing Screen
Manage Clients, Projects, and Activities
Store your client data include base billing rate, and override billing rates based on workers. Create, edit, and delete projects and activities for your clients, and put in override rates at any level so you can precisely control how your client is billed.

Manage Clients Screen
Customize Your Company Homepage
Design a unique welcome message for your staff members, and change it as often as you like.

Manage Clients Screen
Seamless QuickBooks Integration
Link your clients to QuickBooks and transfer invoices individually or in bulk.* Integrate with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise, or QuickBooks Simple Start.
*Only available with certain plans. See the Pricing Page for more details.

QuickBooks Integration
Free EYH Billing IPhone App

Our free IPhone app, EYH Billing, lets you enter hours, send invoices, and look up information on the go. It's a free add-on with your paid EYH plan.

Link to the ITunes Store: EYH Billing App.

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Save Time and Money

Our online billing system has everything you need to track your time, and bill your clients. Most importantly, you can do it quickly and accurately. We make it easy for a busy or novice user to bill all of his or her hours, but for specific or advanced tracking, we also include a large range of standard industry features like project and activity tracking, multi-task timers, balance tracking, trust accounts, and more. Use our advanced features when you need them, or our simple, default interface when you don't.

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  • What kind of Software is EnterYourHours.com?

  • Legal Billing Software

    As a legal professional, you need to track retainers, set up trust accounts, and control the billing cycle in a way that keeps your clients happy. Maybe you need to bill specific rates for different clients, projects, and activities or adjust an associate hours. Our legal billing software takes care of these hassles so you can focus on earning revenue.  Read More..

  • Time and Billing Software

    EnterYourHours.com has a robust, multi-task timer that allows you to time your hours for all of your clients throughout the day. It's adhoc reporting capabilities and easy to read timesheets makes tracking your workers quick and easy. You can see onscreen summaries by workers and clients for an intuitive feel of how hours are spreading out.  Read More..

  • Small Business Billing Software

    EnterYourHours.com has many of the features of larger ERP systems, but was designed for the business owner that doesn't have time to learn complex software. Rest assured, those features are there, but we made sure to keep them out of your way if you don't need them. Billing that takes only minutes lets you focus on what you do best: Earning money.    Read More..

  • What industries use EnterYourHours.com?

  • Law Firms

    Law firms that bill by the hour can control their billing cycles in a quick, efficient, and accurate manner, but our software also supports law firms that perform fixed-price services or work on a contigency basis. Our fixed-price features include quick-lists and recurring fees, and our trust accounting capabilities allow you to handle contingency payments and retainers.   Read More..

  • Professional Services

    With a name like ours, clearly EnterYourHours.com supports the hourly billing professional. Since our inception in 2008, we've added a wide range of companies to our customer list. Our customers include private investigators, accounting firms, home decor specialists, IT companies, clinical research management organizations, and property associations to name a few.   Read More..

  • Marketing and PR Firms

    Marketing and PR Firms like EnterYourHours.com because of our ability to track multiple project and activities across all of their hourly billing, flat fee services, and expenses, which is a range of needs most Marketing and PR firms will understand. We also have a lot of invoice customization which is critical when a client expects their billing broken out in a specific way.   Read More..


  You can check our types of billing software page if you still aren't sure if EnterYourHours.com is the right software for you.