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As a category, Marketing and PR firms are probably some of the most dynamic revenue generators. Certainly there is a lot of room for hourly billable, especially when they are doing design work, such as campaign creation, website development, or producing creatives for print or online.

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Hourly Billing and Tracking Software

However, a bulk of the revenue is often created from flat-rate services and up-charges on marketing purchases. There are certainly other companies, like software development firms, that also generate revenue on hourly and flat rate services, as well. is a great product for these types of companies.

From a nuts and bolts standpoint, many of the "working parts" of the software manage hourly billing and time tracking. However, from a usage perspective, the point of is to allow companies to save time and money by invoicing more of their work as accurately as possible in the least amount of time. Of course, this includes flat rate billing.

From that perspective, has quite a few working parts dedicated to flat-rate and expense billing. The software allows you to make "Quick Lists" that act as a sort of simple inventory of items you sell on a regular basis. The tracking and billing can be sorted and filtered by flat-rate versus fixed-time items. Also, you can set subscription-based monthly or weekly billing to recur automatically.

Marketing and PR firms generally need software that allows them use many different resources and bill them out accordingly. allows you to implement a rate structure that is simple (one bill rate for all clients) or complex (varying rates based on the client, worker, project or activity or some combination therein). Similarly, you can control your pay rates in the same way if you outsource work to 1099 consultants or other companies. Your outside resources can also login directly to your system to enter their hours or fixed-price items or expenses so you don't have to collect spreadsheets and combine it all yourself.

Most importantly, a Marketing or PR firm needs software that will create professional looking invoices. Every interaction with your client is a moment that you will potentially be judged and you need invoices that look professional. That's why lets you add your logo and lets you display your data in a professional manner.

Finally, when there's a lot of work, there's a lot more opportunity to get audited. reduces negative audit results by letting you closely track what all of your workers are doing, real-time, with a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly reports. In addition to that, almost every screen can be filtered and exported in a variety of ways so you can get to the data you need when you need it. And not only is your data displayed professionally, but you can control exactly how it's grouped and sort by customizing your invoices.

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