Quickbooks Support

EnterYourHours.com uses the Quickbooks Web Connector (available free from Quickbooks), and it integrates with Simple Start, Pro, and Premier versions of Quickbooks. All of the integration management is handled via an easy-to-use screen in the EnterYourHours.com system.

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Interaction with Quickbooks

EnterYourHours.com clients can be mapped to matching Quickbooks Customers and keep them all synchronized. When you insert a new customer into your Quickbooks file, it will appear online in your EnterYourHours.com client list after a sync. And when insert a new client in your online in your EnterYourHours.com Account, it will appear in your Quickbooks file.

EnterYourHours.com Invoice Categories can be mapped with Quickbooks Items. This tells Quickbooks how to categorize invoices once they are transferred.

Most importantly, you can transfer invoices.

For more information about Quickbooks Integration, or do find out how to get started, visit our Quickbooks Support Page.