Professional Service Companies

There are many different types of business that bill by the hour. As a group, these are generally classified as professional services companies.

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This partial list includes a lot of companies that use the word "firm", including law firms, accounting firms, design firms, marketing firms, but also includes many other industries. Examples are private investigators, tutors, interior designers, and lobbyists. Ok, so that last one is really a law firm, but you get the picture. was designed with the hourly biller in mind. That's pretty clear from the way we named our website. was developed many years ago from a system that our parent company used in house. Before billing his clients, the owner would tell him professionals to "enter your hours". When the decision was made to make the product market-ready, we set out to make software that would give a professional services company a lot of flexibility and control over the billing process, while keeping the mouse-clicks and keyboard strokes to a minimum. That way a solo consultant could get his or her invoices out, while a large company could quickly see how his clients and workers are performing before, during, and after the billing cycle.

While professional services companies need to bill their time, there is also the need for tracking and analyzing the hours billed, as the work is being entered. That's where's really shows off its special stuff. Whether you're a single consultant or are tracking a bunch of workers billing hours, you will have a handle of how well each client and worker is doing so you can make game time adjustments and control your billing cycle in a way that makes you more money. You can track hours by day, by week, and by month. You can create adhoc reports by filtering almost any screen and exporting the data. Finally, there are canned reports produced every time you bill batch. is also a great system for 1099 workers. Because it's a cloud-based system, they don' t need to be in the office to enter their hours. You can also control their pay rate in a variety of ways. For example, you can pay a worker a certain rate for one client or project, and a different rate for another. Even certain repetitive activities can be paid a different rate. While we are on the subject of rates, you can also offer varying rates to clients, so you can offer different rates for different services or different levels of expertise.

Every company is different. Not only is able to work with a variety of industries, but the software is designed to work with a variety of process flows within an industry. Your company measures your success by out-competing, and to out-compete you need to do things in your own unique way. We understood that when we designed, and we will continue to follow that principle on every update to the software.

If you still aren't sure, explore the rest of our site. We have another page that talks about legal billing software and you can learn about our multi-task timer there. Our New User Center will help you get started, and we also have a full software reference and a general FAQ.