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Paying Flat Fee to Workers - Quick How-To

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Pay worker items provide you with a way to pay a worker a fixed-price for a goods or service he supplied for you client. for example, you might charge your client $5000 for a project. This would be entered as a fixed-price item for your client. However, you want to pay your worker $3500 for completing the project for you. You accomplish this by entering a pay worker item.

Like fixed-price items, the pay worker items appear under daily history (in the pay items tab). You can filter and search using the filter. You probably want to set the filter to show all workers (by default, it will be set to your name only). To do so, click the filter button on the history toolbar and choose show all for the worker option.

filter button on the history toolbar: filter button

To add a pay worker item: at the top of the Time & Sales Screen, select the Pay Worker item radio button:
3 radio buttons - pay worker
starting from the top of the screen, pick the date, the amount you need to pay the worker, the client, and the project (all clients have at least one project called miscellaneous), the worker, and a description. You will immediately notice that your pay worker entry appears in the daily history pay item tab.

To edit a worker's pay item, click the pencil icon at the beginning of the pay item's row in either the pay item tab. You will see the pay item entry appear at the top of the Time & Sales Screen. Edit any of the information and click the save changes button.