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Time & Sales Item Types

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The system allows users to enter Time & Sales in four different ways, also known as Item Types. Three of the Item Types are used for invoicing: Hourly Entries, Fixed-Price Item Entries, and Expense Entries.

Just because we call them Hourly, Fixed-Price, and Expenses, doesn't mean you have to use those same labels. On the Invoice Settings Screen you can configure how each Item Type is labeled on your invoices. Your invoices divide your item types apart and you can call each group whatever you want. For example, you might refer to hourly entries as "Fees", "Billable Hours", or "Legal Services".
Two of the Item Types are used for Payroll: Hourly Entries, and Pay-Worker Item Entries. Each item type is explained below.
You may have noticed that Hourly Entries are used for both invoicing and payroll. A powerful feature of is its ability to track time for both invoicing and payment purposes.
Invoicing Item Types:

Hourly Entries:

Hourly Entry Form Hourly Entry Form
Any service business that bills by the hour will understand what an Hourly Entry is. All billable time is inputted to the system via the Hourly Entry Form. The time interval options can be configured in the General Settings Screen.

You can use the Multi-Task Timer to track your time.

Fixed-Price Entries:

Fixed-Price Entry Form Fixed-Price Entry Form
If you are selling a fixed-price service or a product, you can enter it in this form.

Expenses Entries:

Expense Entry Form Expense Entry Form
You use the same form for entering Expenses as you do for entering Fixed-Price Items. The only difference is that you check the Reimbursable Expense checkbox. Clicking that checkbox tells the system that not only does the amount need to be invoiced to the client, but it also needs to be paid to the worker entering it.

If you want to pay a worker an amount different than what you are invoicing the client, you should use the Pay Worker Entry Form (see below). This is useful if you are charging your client a one-time fixed amount and paying your worker a (hopefully lower and profitable) one-time payment.

Payroll Item Types:

Hourly Entries:

Hourly Entries:
See above under Invoicing Item Types. All time entered gets charged on an invoice, as well as paid to a worker via the Payroll reports.

Pay-Worker Item Entries:

Pay-Worker Item Entry Form Pay-Worker Entry Form
Use the Pay-Worker Entry Form if you need to pay a worker an amount that wasn't entered via an Hourly Item Entry or Expense Entry. This is useful for bonuses, or fixed-price services where you pay your worker a specific lower amount than you invoice your client.