Legal Billing Software

Join the revolution! is the preferred billing system for all types of legal practices. is legal billing software that's easy to use but has powerful features like custom invoicing, powerful time management, and dozens of other features a law firm needs.

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Hourly Billing and Tracking Software

Advanced Features When You Need Them...

  • Manage your entire law firm's time keeping, invoicing, AR, and 1099 payroll.
  • Bill across multiple clients, projects, activities, and workers.
  • Integrates with QuickBooks, supports trust accounting, and all invoices are exportable to LEDES 1998B format.
  • Export and print almost any combination of adhoc-filtered reports. The most popular, canned reports for law firms are also available.
  • Flexible control of the billing cycle and trust account tracking.

Simplicity When You Don't...

  • Pre-configured with the most popular settings for law firms so you'll be printing professional invoices within minutes.
  • Intuitive interface, pop-up help, tutorials, and hundreds of help files.
  • Reduce bill audits.
  • Free support system answered by knowledgeable product specialists.
  • No personal information required to get started. All you need is your email address.

All legal billing software is architected to adhere to the needs of law firms and other types of legal practices. They generally include the ability to bill by the hour, provide detail on invoices, manage retainers, and track time. was built to handle all of these needs, but takes the art of billing beyond any other legal billing software system. It's legal billing software system that allows law firms to bill their way, and not the way their software dictates.

But if you aren't comfortable with software, we also have you technophobes covered. Our default settings will have you billing smoothly, quickly, and accurately with professional looking invoices that won't leave your clients with guess work.

If you still aren't sure, explore the rest of our site. We have another page that talks more about legal billing software and you can also learn about our multi-task timer there. Our New User Center will help you get started, and we also have a full software reference and a general FAQ.