Software Reference

Invoice Document Types

There are two types of invoices you can send from The first type is a basic invoice. The basic invoice can be configured a variety of ways, but by default it breaks down your billables by hourly billing and expenses, and includes the standard total and rate information you would expect on a standard professional services invoice. The second type is what we call a bill. A bill has all the information of an invoice but includes last payment, balance forward, and total due information.

You'll be able to choose which invoice type your account uses by selecting the option in the Invoice Settings. You can change this setting any time you want.

If you use the bill invoice type, you'll want to make sure you receive payments from your clients.

Below are two screenshots of the settings screen for invoices. The screenshot on the left is an example of an account using basic invoices and what the invoice's cover page will look like below it. The screenshot on the right is an example of an account using the bill invoice type and what the bill's cover page will like like below it. For detailed setting information, you can jump to our Settings->Invoice help file.