Software Reference

One-Time Rate Overrides

You may need to make an adjustment to the bill rate of an item already entered. For these circumstances you can use the rates button which is found in the unbilled items toolbar on the invoicing form.

Keep in mind that applying an override rate to workers, projects or activities will only effect rates for future entries.

If you have not already navigated to the Invoicing section, click the "rates" button in the top right hand corner of the unbilled items window.

override original

The screenshot below shows the location of the "rates" button in relation to the Unbilled Items window. Notice that the rate is set to $50 for all supp1 entries in the screenshot below.

override button

Once you have clicked the rates button you are now free to make adjustments to the rate. You are now able to specify your selections such as client/worker, dates (left blank will select all), and the rate which is highlighted in the screenshot below.

override process

After clicking apply you can view the changes made after performing the override and can adjust any other details from there. You can see from the screenshot below that the rate has now been adjusted to $75.

override finished
Items that have already been billed will not be affected by the override.