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Quick How-to: Invoicing Multiple Clients

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If you aren't already in the Invoicing Screen, click the Invoicing Tab in the top toolbar. At the top of the screen under Unbilled Items heading, select the clients you wish to invoice. You can select and deselect the box inside the first column header (Include) if you want to select or deselect all the clients, after which you can individually select or deselect client. Make sure that in the list, the only clients selected are the ones you wish to invoice. Click the Create New Bill Batch button. Once the system creates the bill batch, you will notice the new bill batch at the bottom of your screen under the Bill Batches Tab in the Accounting Center.

Click the plus sign next to the new Bill Batch that you just created (it will be at the top of the list). The bill batch will open up to show you the clients underneath. In this example, there would be multiple clients. You can click the plus sign next to any client to see detailed information on each worker for this client.

At the end of the row containing each client, click the Create Invoice link under the Commands column. Once your invoice is created you can view it in PDF format (click view) and from the PDF file you can print it or save it on your computer. You can also edit the invoice and add additional line items for the client (click Edit). You can also send the invoice to your client by clicking the Email Client link.